Jun 04

Yes, It Was Accurate!

Yes, the information I shared last week was accurate … although as a couple of readers called me to say … it was quite surprising, if not shocking. I refer here to the report published by Construction Market Analyzer that the construction industry will need to come up with 6.7 million new construction workers between now and 2016. This is actually, at its core, very good news, although as I have reported in recent weeks, this huge demand could very well fuel inflationary trends in the industry. You got a kid coming out of high school without a sense of direction … get him or her an apprenticeship. The timing just might be perfect.

Don’t Mess With Mama

This may sound a little weird, and most assuredly hard to explain, but did you know that hurricanes named after woman are more damaging and deadly than the ones named after men? As you may know, Atlantic hurricane names alternate between male and female and will start with the name Arthur this year, followed by Bertha and so on and so forth after that. Well, according to a study released in the past few days by a team of researchers from the University of Illinois (and please, no cheap shots about Illinois at this point), hurricanes with women’s names are more likely to cause significantly more deaths (and destruction) than hurricanes with men’s names. This kind of makes no sense to me. I plan to look into this a bit further but for now, you guys in the glass industry (and a few other industries as well) need to take this into your planning and preparation assessments. But … does this make sense?

A Little Hard to Figure

Now comes a report that American home sizes (newly constructed homes) are getting bigger! In 2007 the average size of a newly built single residence home was 2,521 square feet and projections were that homes would get smaller in the future … for all kinds of reasons not the least of which was that people could no longer afford bigger homes and the costs that come with them. Well, those predictions were wrong. The average size of homes built in 2013 was 2,598 square feet … bigger than ever! This is a little confusing to me. Family size is shrinking, the economy is still not all that great and the typical baby boomers (and there are gazillions of us) are looking to downsize. Hard to figure!

Way To Go Doug – Follow-Up

I reported last week that for the 10th year in a row, Doug Studt (Torstenson Glass) did the 30-mile bike ride on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive a couple of Sunday’s ago. Some of you doubted me on this, but here is the proof.

Doug Studt & Wayne Miller at Chicago's annual “Bike the Drive Event”

Doug Studt & Wayne Miller at Chicago’s annual “Bike the Drive Event”

 The Sports Thing

Yes, my Blackhawks have been eliminated, and please know that I appreciated the notes of sympathy and condolence calls that came my way. The Kings of Los Angeles knocked them out in OT of Game 7 of the Western Conference finals. It was a tremendous series and really could have gone either way. I now pity the Rangers (who are next in line for the Kings), ’cause them there Kings look awfully good!

Alan Photo

One of the nice things about going to Blackhawks games is that many of the former Blackhawks players are at the games and are regularly seen floating among the crowd. The Hawks also usually have a former player set up at an autograph table in the foyer area to sign autographs and meet with fans. The above picture was taken at one of last week’s playoff games. That’s Hall of Fame Hawks goalie Tony Esposito with Alan Rovner (aka Bobbie Rovner’s son). Pretty cool stuff, I think.

The Quotable Thing

I received several inspirational notes and cards from friends and acquaintances during my recent physical struggles, and many of them came from longtime friend and former co-worker, Roxanne Lampl. The following is one of those. An old Chinese proverb, actually.

“You can only go halfway into the darkest forest; then you are coming out the other side.”

“Have a Wonderful Week Everyone”




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