Jun 25

Hope to See You There

Today’s blog is going to be shorter than usual. Some of you may actually be thankful for this. I understand. But you see, I am really pressed for time because I have all kinds of stuff I have to do to get ready for the AIA convention starting tomorrow (June 26) at Chicago’s McCormick Place. I’m not really doing anything important … they wouldn’t trust me with that sort of thing … but I have a lot of running around to prepare for the little things I am involved with. So I hope you understand. Also, please track me down if you are going to be there. I’d love to say hello and I am planning on taking lots of pictures for both blog use and to be used with USGlass and/or USGNN.com™ if they come out okay. Hope to see you. 

Are You Kidding Me?

Okay, a few weeks ago I included the now somewhat famous coffee bean picture wherein a man’s face was also showing and the challenge was to find out how long it took you to find the man amongst the beans. Well, the following picture (taken from a camera phone at some distance and admittedly kinda fuzzy) includes one student standing exactly backwards. If you can find him, you will have found my grandson Tucker. Now that I think of it, his mother was always a little backwards, too. Oh well. Anyhow, if it takes you more than 20 seconds to find him, you should probably tear up your high school diploma.


Bringing Home the Hardware

They’ve done it again only this time even better than before. I refer here to the awards and honors bestowed on the Key Communications team by the American Society of Business Press Editors. Specifically …

USGlass magazine – Bronze winner for “Special Section;”

Door & Window Market (DWM) magazine – Gold Medal winner for “Video News;” and

Window Film magazine – Gold Medal winner for “Webcast.”

You guys are true professionals and simply terrific in every way. Keep up the great work, Key Communications.

Please Accept My Apology

I have no idea who sent this to me but it is kinda cute. Allegedly, as the story goes, a high school math teacher walked into his room and found this written on the black board … actually green board. If someone wants to take credit for it, send me a note and I’ll give you the credit due you. As a former part-time teacher myself many years ago, I remember coming into classrooms and sometimes finding messages written on the board, but not all of them were what you would classify as cute!


The Sports Thing

Well, both of my home town baseball teams are pathetic and there is no hockey or basketball going on right now, so as much as I hate to admit this, I have been tuning into World Cup Soccer. I’m actually starting to get into it a little bit but I could really do without all the acting and drama that takes place every time somebody brushes up against someone who thinks a ref might be watching. Some of what these guys do (rolling on the ground, grabbing their leg or even calling for a medic) is kind of embarrassing if you ask me. The other thing that bothers me is when they add on extra playing time at the end of the game without much in the way of an explanation. But again, right now it’s the only game in town, so to speak, so I’m on it. Can someone tell me how many weeks it is until the NFL starts back up???

The Quotable Thing

We have yet another quote from Roxanne Lampl this week and I really like it. If it doesn’t hit you right away, take a deep breath and think about for just a minute or so.

“Believe that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Believe that you might be that light for someone else.”

Have a Wonderful Week, Everyone!

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