May 28

To Tell The Truth

Now comes research from a team from the University of Washington, the University of Arizona and the University of North Carolina that found that sleep-deprived workers are more likely to be dishonest and participate in unethical behavior (on the job) than well-rested employees. Further, the study found that sleep-deprived employees were more likely to go along with (as in, maybe “look the other way”) bad behavior when they are pushed in that direction by their supervisors or co-workers. The study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology (one of my favorite reads) also pointed out that sleep-deprivation among Americans is on the rise. Up from 13% to 20% over a ten-year period. So what’s the answer you may ask? Coffee apparently. Or caffeine laced gum also worked when used in the study. Alert, well-rested workers are more ethical … meaning less theft, less lying and more productivity. I say let’s put a Starbucks in every office!!!

One More Thing

As long as we are on the honesty-ethical thing, I read about another study (can’t remember who produced it but I found it interesting) that found that employees and managers are much more open and honest with each other when they are out of their office or shop setting. In other words, you’ll have a more open and honest dialogue over a cup of coffee or sandwich than you will in your office. Makes sense to me.

This Knocked My Socks Off

According to a recent report put out by Construction Market Analyzer, the construction industry is going to need to come up with 6.7 million construction workers between now and 2016. This is based on growth projections for the industry as well as predictions for how many current industry workers will be retiring. Sounds like we better start recruiting some people real quick!

The Man In The Beans Picture

Got a couple of emails on this (from last week’s blog) and a couple of phone calls, as well. Two people told me there was no man in the coffee beans, and once I told them exactly where he was hiding, they couldn’t believe they had not found him. If you are wondering what I’m talking about here, go look at last week’s blog … the one titled “Coming On Strong.” I found the man hiding in the beans in about four seconds a year ago, but this time around, it took me about 20 seconds. You would think that I would have gone right to it the second time. My excuse is the five rounds of chemotherapy and four straight days of twice-a-day full-body radiation in between my two viewings of the bean picture. By the way, one reader actually called me and said he couldn’t find a picture of coffee beans, only a picture of peanuts. Oh well!

Way To Go Doug

For the 10th year in a row, Doug Studt (Torstenson Glass) did the 30-mile bike ride on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive this past Sunday. Known as the “Bike The Drive” event, the experienced riders really move, and it’s impressive to see. I don’t think there is a prettier stretch of beach and skyline in America than Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive, but I’m gonna stay with the car thing … couldn’t even think about doing the 30-mile bike event.

Who Are These Guys

Sometimes, we tend to forget that all of us have lives outside of the office or shop. While many live to work, many more, I think, work to live. The following two pictures are of a couple of hard-charging and super productive guys who are caught on camera doing what most of us will never see them doing.

lyle 2 527

lyle 3 527

 In case you’re not sure, that’s Bud Oliver on the tractor at his ranch in Texas and Earnest Thompson apparently so captivated by the book he is reading that he simply can’t put it down. 

The Sports Thing

I read a report the other day that over 650,000 men gave up the game of golf last year. The trend is expected to continue. I know that the two country clubs not too far from me have gone through their waiting lists (for membership) and are now reportedly quietly seeking new members. So what’s going on here??? On the hockey front, it looks like the Rangers are going to make it while I am just not so sure about my Blackhawks. We’ll know in a few days, won’t we???

The Quotable Thing

This week’s quote is from regular reader and contributor Art Lafferty. I think there’s a message in it for all of us in all situations, both personal and professional.

“Bad news does not get better with age.”

“Have a Wonderful Week Everyone”


  1. Chuck Knickerbocker


    Enjoyed your blog today.

    A corollary to your quote: remember the “Leadership Principles of Attila the Hun” that was a hot property in the 80’s? From it: “never shoot the messenger (employee) who brings you bad news. But the messenger who tries to hide or bury the bad news? He’s dead.” Or something to that effect.

    1. Lyle R. Hill

      Chuck … I do remember that little book and in fact, I think I still have it somewhere. Always a pleasure (an honor even) to hear from you. Thanks. Lyle

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