Apr 30

Not So Silly After All

At first, I thought the whole thing was kind of ridiculous. Amateurish and silly actually. But I read it over one more time and then started thinking about American business leaders, as well as politicians, and soon I came to the conclusion that maybe it wasn’t such a silly thing after all.

I refer here to the Ten Forbidden Behaviors, which a group of Chinese Communists put together to help improve the image of party officials and leaders. It apparently is also intended to apply to business leaders in China who are typically Chinese operatives and party favorites.

You can look them all up for yourself if you want, but my favorites (shortened or paraphrased a little) are these … (1) It is not allowed to flatter or kiss the butt of one’s superiors. One must express one’s real views, (2) It is not allowed to use jargon while making speeches: Clear points should be made, and (3) It is not allowed to make empty promises or say “I don’t know” or “Don’t ask me” when an inquiry is made.

Again, maybe not so silly after all. You know, a little honesty and forthrightness would go a long way in certain areas in this country. Maybe it’s time to come up with some lists of our own … for executives and politicians, for starters. Couldn’t hurt, could it?

An Explanation Recently, the U.S. Department of Transportation released a report that indicated that Spirit Airlines had the highest rate of customer complaints of all of the major airlines. This was followed by an editorial piece which appeared in the Chicago Tribune and I assume many other major newspapers, credited to Ben Baldanza, Spirit’s CEO, wherein he defends his company. My interpretation of his defense is pretty much this: We are a discount, low-fare airline, and to keep prices down, we sometimes do things that customers might not like. In short … you’re getting what you pay for. I have never flown Spirit, but I kinda like the guy’s honest and straight forward approach. No excuses, just an honest explanation. If you want cheap, you’re not gonna get a bunch of frills. Don’t you wish everyone was this direct?

Holy Cow!Now comes a report that the federal government is once again rescuing us from what could be considered a very unsafe and perhaps disgusting situation. I refer here to the fact that the EPA has now added “cows” to its new Climate Action Plan. The agency believes that cows are simply producing too much methane gas. I am hoping here that you do not need an explanation of this process but trust me … because as a child I spent many hours down on the farm … cows do seem to spend a lot of their time producing methane gas.

And how, you may ask, does the government intend to tackle this very dangerous and unacceptable situation? With money of course … your money. Yes, grants are to be awarded to study the problem further and come up with potential solutions, one of which might be to change the diet of cows so that their digestive systems will produce less methane gas. Maybe it’s me, but don’t we have better things to spend taxpayer’s money on? And if they start regulating the normal bodily functions of cows, what is next? Scary stuff if you want my opinion on it.

I Think It Is Here – FinallyI refer here to that which we thought we may never again see – SPRING. Yes, we have had a lot of rain in most of the country and it isstill a little cool in most places, but I am convinced it is upon us. And as the following from Tom Minnon (Tubelite) suggests in his own words and picture … “A sure sign of spring for me is when the Bufflehead ducks return to our pond.”

Bufflehead pair (1)

Hey Tom, have you ever watched the very popular TV program by the name of Duck Dynasty? Just wondering, given your apparent fondness for ducks, how you might feel about a bunch of guys who make a whole lot of money helping people attract and shoot the cute little things. 

The Sports ThingIt looked a little bleak there for a while, but by golly, my Blackhawks shifted into a whole new gear and took four straight from the St. Louis Blues after losing the first two games of their series. Game four of the series was a 5-1 victory, and until the Hawks got a two-goal lead in the third period of that game, there were a whole lot of very tense and worried fans around Chicago. And now I don’t have to apologize to Blues fan Mike McCown (Binswanger) either. Hey Mike, did we have a bet on that series? Do you owe me money? Just checking.

And yes, I am aware (and saddened) by the fact that the Washington Wizards beat, and thus eliminated, my Chicago bulls last night.

The Quotable Thing This week’s quote comes from the sister (Amy Newling) of the person (Beth Rush) who got credit for last week’s quotes. Keeping it in the family, I guess. I just hope there is not something that is supposed to be read between the lines here … about her sister, that is.

“Some people are like Slinkies … not really good for anything, but you can’t help smiling when you see one tumble down the stairs.”

“Have a Wonderful Week Everyone”


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  1. JR

    Hill, I think the Chinese are on to something. We should have rules for business leaders and particularly politicians who do not know how to treat people or deal with them whatsoever. And Duck Dynasty is one of my favorites no matter what Minnon might say. JR

    1. JR

      JR … always good to hear from you and I am going to work on the rules for busines leaders and politicians thing and try to come up with something. Take care of yourself. Lyle

  2. Michael McCown

    The Blues were lucky to win the first two. Oh well, they gave us a little hope for awhile. I guess now I will have to buy your book.

  3. Lyle R. Hill

    Mike … I actually thought the Blues were going to sweep them there for awhile. Blues are a tough team and handled the Hawks during the regular season. For some reason they kind of fell into slumps at the end of the season and then again in the playoffs but I did not think the Hawkls were going to prevail … although I am certainly glad they did. And as for the book thing, you mean you haven’t already ordered one, or even two. Go to amazon.com and they will take care of you and I’ll be a happy camper as well. Take care Mike. Lyle

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