Apr 23

It Even Happens To Me

Yes, it really does happen to me. Not too often mind you, but it does happen and I’m telling you, when it does, there is virtually nothing I seem to be able to do about it. I know this comes as a shock to some, but I cannot deny the facts of the matter.

To be specific, I just get lazy some days and don’t feel much like doing anything. I have no doubt that the warming weather of the past couple of weeks and longer daylight hours have a lot to do with it. You see, these last few days I find myself more than content to wrap myself in a couple of blankets and watch my grandson Tucker’s high school baseball team play or sit on the patio and play UNO with Jilly, Ryan, Zachery, David and Sydney … the grandkids almost always beat me … or just go to the woods and walk a bit with camera in hand. Now remember if you will, that with my recent medical situation I wasn’t even sure I would see spring this year so I’m hoping you’ll cut me some slack and forgive me for not having a little more meaningful content in this week’s blog. I know, I know, some of you will say there is never much meaningful content to my blogs, and while I am probably inclined to agree with you, I usually put much more effort into it than I did this week. So forgive me please and hey, why not go for a walk and take some pictures of your own? It might be just what you need and if you get some good ones, pictures that is, feel free to send them my way.

Spring ... You gotta love it!

Spring … You gotta love it!


More IRS Nonsense

In case you missed it, now comes a report that over 1000 IRS employees who owe back taxes themselves, received performance bonuses in the past several months that totaled over $1 million. Now please remember that if you are a taxpayer, and in one way or another we all are, you are paying the wages and bonuses for these people. So do you think they will use their bonus money to get caught up on those past due taxes? Me either. I can’t stand it! When will this craziness end?

We Talked About This

You probably already know this. After all, it has been mentioned now in several industry related publications, but I think it is important to take another quick look at the implications of what has now happened and to also remind readers that this blog has been covering this … actually predicting it … for a while now. I speak here of the announcement by one of the world’s largest primary glass producers that they are raising prices by as much as 15% for certain products (5% at the minimum) and these increases take effect as of May 19th. This is on top of price increases put through in the fourth quarter of last year for many (actually most) glass products. Remember when we talked about this … possible price increases? I think we used the word inflationary even. Anyway, you may want to check the pricing in your older quotes before you accept any orders based on them. I know you’re sharp … much sharper than me … but a gentle reminder can sometimes help.

Thank You Judy Adkins

This day started with the receiving and reading of an e-mail sent to me from Judy Adkins (Hickman Building Supplies of Middleboro, Kentucky) and it absolutely got my day started in a wonderful way. Thank you so much!

The Sports Thing

I expected a better start for my Chicago Blackhawks (in the NHL playoffs) but the St. Louis Blues are a very good team and play a very physical style of hockey as well. The Hawks do not do well against hard hitting teams and have tried to match the Blues in physicality but have ended up losing the first two games (of round one) … both losses coming in overtime and a triple overtime in game one. They have come back to win game three 2-0. Game four is tonight. Tough stuff. Mike McCown (Binswanger) and I have traded e-mails on this subject and while he is a serious Blues fan, I had predicted the Hawks would dominate and take the series in five games (maybe six). Now I may have to eat my words. We’ll see! And yes, I know my Bulls have also dropped their first two playoff games to the Wizards of Washington. Somehow, by the way, the words wizard and Washington do not seem to belong together, do they?

The Quotable Thing

Two for the price of one this week thanks to Beth Rush. These are attributed to fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger.

“A business is like a child: it needs all sorts of constant attention.”

“Once you reach a certain level, it’s easy to think you’re invincible – but you’re not.”

“Have a Wonderful Week Everyone”


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