Dec 18

12/18 Update on Lyle

Thanks for checking in on how Lyle is doing. As he mentioned in his blog last week, he won’t be posting for a few weeks as he undergoes the final parts of his treatment before his stem cell transplant. which is scheduled for Christmas Eve. It is a very difficult procedure that he is undergoing, yet he has forwarded reports that everything thus far is going according to schedule.
Please continue to keep Lyle and his family in your prayers and your thoughts during the holiday season. I know your prayers, cards, and emails have been a great source of comfort and inspiration to him. Thank you for your continued support. –Deb Levy


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  1. Tim Szpila


    You & your family are in our prayers. Your a great man & I can only wish the best for you. Happy New Year & I look forward to future updates.

    Tim Szpila

    1. Lyle Hill

      Thanks Tim and I wish you nothing but the best for 2014. Will call you when I am whole again and maybe we can get in a lunch. Lyle

  2. James Bruley

    Hill, thinking about you and Sandy, I’m confident you’ll be up and around in a short time. You have a lot of people praying for you.

    1. Lyle Hill

      Thank you Jungle Jim. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of months.

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