Nov 13

How Nice of You!

I continue to be amazed … actually overwhelmed would be more accurate … by the kindness of the people in the glass and architectural metals industry. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t hear from someone either by email or phone and most days, I get at least a card or two in the mail as well. I honestly thought that after a week or two it would drop off but it hasn’t. It seems like some make contact about once a week or so just to check in and I have heard from a large number of people that I have never met which is quite remarkable. Your kindness is incredible and I have saved every card and every e-mail. And even from the Glass Expo Midwest™ show I received a couple of jumbo-sized cards signed by attendees and exhibitors. Thank you so much. You really are a bunch of the finest people in the world and I am proud to be one of you.  

Does This Seem Right?

I’m going to now finish what I started on this subject a couple of weeks ago when I commented on the growing gap between the haves and the have not’s in America. It is a concern to me as it is to many others. So here is the story I wanted to confirm before telling it. Specifically, a CEO of a large, publicly-traded Chicago-based corporation just received a $5 million dollar bonus for 2013. His salary and benefit package (with the bonus included) will be approximately $7 million for 2013.The company in question had an okay year with a slight improvement over last year. At the same time, it is reported that approximately 25 percent of this corporation’s Midwest workforce earns less than $12/hour and that most of this group has not received a wage increase in over two years. Remember, a few weeks ago I reported that according to Bloomberg Magazine, the average income of America’s wealthiest 10 percent is 15.9 times that of the lowest 10 percent and the multiple keeps growing … every year. Does this seem right?

Hey Brian Basso

of Cardinal Glass in Tumwater, Wash., while looking for something else this morning I came across (and re-read) your incredible letter of October 30and wanted to let you know that the November issue of USGlass magazine (which should be mailing soon) will hopefully work to get you and your crew back on track. Let me know if it does and thanks again!

Thanks for the Thoughts

Thanks for the Thoughts

The Cancer Thing

Don’t want to bore anyone with too many details regarding my current adventure with this dreaded disease but I have had readers send me emails letting me know they are following this matter by way of these blog reports so I will continue with this format for now. Right now, I am getting tested and prepped to start my stem cell transplant procedure. I actually have an appointment tomorrow at the hospital for some of these and my guess is that I am 10  to 15 days away from getting started. My biggest problem is with my red and white blood cell counts (although my platelet count is not great either), so I can’t start until these get better. The prep work is quite involved and includes not only tests on my heart and other organs, but a meeting with a psychologist, and a three-hour class for my wife and I on what is needed to be done after being released from the hospital following the procedure. A little overwhelming in some ways but I am anxious to get started and the delay is driving me crazy … maybe this is a good sign.

Way Too Long

The Morning of 11/12/13

The Morning of 11/12/13

Last week I included a picture of some trees with their beautiful fall colors and commented that fall was my favorite time of the year but much too short. Let this be a lesson to me to keep my mouth shut. It snowed like crazy in the western burbs of Chicago where I live this past Monday (the 11th of November) and it stuck. Yes, actual accumulation and the temperature lows are in the mid-twenties the last couple of days. Here we go!

The Wired Glass Thing

I received several emails on this subject after bringing it up last week and let me just say that I think the battle (to eliminate or restrict the use of unprotected wired glass) is being won but it has simply taken much too long. I know some of this has to do with cost because alternatives are typically quite a bit more expensive, but for sure, if the industry continues to educate the consuming public as well as those responsible for specifying glazing products, this fight will be won. So don’t quit now. And don’t be greedy … do the right thing!!!

An Apology/and a Video Presentation

My daughter Beth called me a few days ago to inform me that I was wrong (I think she lives for these opportunities) when I thanked the three people who were the first to order my book, “The Broken Tomato,” a few weeks ago when it was first announced as going on sale. Specifically, Beth let me know that she was the first to order my book and has proof of same. I apologize, Beth, and also thank you for buying the thing and not expecting one from me for free. You are a good daughter indeed. Also, Beth (and husband Ben) have produced a pretty talented group of kids and I am sharing here a video that they put together and sent to me this past weekend. David (11) produced it and it includes the voices of Zachary (7) and Jillian (4).


The Sports Thing

I had a couple of people call to discuss the Miami Dolphins situation (Incognito-Martin case) but without knowing a whole lot more than what has been shared thus far, it’s kind of hard to figure out what the real story is here. I played enough sports through the years to know that there is a “hazing mentality” toward younger players, and rookies in particular, but I can’t help but think that there is so much more to this particular story than we have been told. I have no doubt that this situation will impact the entire NFL and behavior will change … and it probably should … but until all of the facts are known, it just might be way too soon to rush to a conclusion here.

And hey you basketball junkies, what’s going on in the NBA? A lot of the teams (including the Heat of Miami) that were supposed to dominate this year are in many cases below .500. Of course it is still pretty early. And with my track record of late, I am not inclined to make any comment here anyway. But can I ask what’s happening to the Knicks, Bulls, and Nets? Guess we’ll have to see how this develops.

Last thing on sports … my grandson Sam’s high school hockey team (Willowbrook Renegades) is 9-0-1 to start the season. I miss not being able to go to the games (because of my current physical situation) but hope to be ready to attend once the state playoffs start in the spring. This team is special, even better than last year’s Cougar Cup and Conference Champions and if they can avoid injuries, it could be a very long and interesting run come spring.

The Quotable Thing

This week’s quote comes from Tom Olsen, not only an old supplier of mine but a longtime friend as well. Credit for it goes to Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric. It’s a pure business-related quote but you know, these won’t hurt you and may even help you. Here it is …

“Never confuse tail wind with good management … the times when you should ask the most questions are when things are going best.”

Have a Good Week, Everybody!!!                         








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