Oct 16

Staying the Course

Hello again, Deb Levy here reporting in on how Lyle is doing. I spoke with him today and he said he is feeling a good bit better but still a bit weak to be blogging. The good news is that the doctor’s tell him he is doing quite well with his treatment and he is still on course.

Please continue to keep Lyle in your thoughts and feel free to send your wishes to him here … I know he is checking in and he mentioned how everyone’s kind comments are excellent medicine too. Thank you.

Regards, Deb


  1. vic conellier

    Be the Frog, Lyle! Sounds as though you’re making great headway. Looking forward to your return….you probably have a lot of topics stored up for the blog.

    1. Lyle Hill

      Thanks Vic. I know some of the TSI team are going through similiar situations and so I am going to hope that your guys are doing well also. I have my days but the doctors tell me I am on course. Look forward to seeing you down the road. Lyle

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