Sep 18

Another Shorty!

Won’t bore you with the details, but I have had a minor setback or two in my fight with the cancerous tumor that took up residence in my neck. While I am told that it is nothing unusual that I have experienced, it has been a very tough week and I feel a little discouraged. But we have a long way to go and I will take every chance given to me to prevail, so onward and, hopefully, upward here.

Once again, thanks so much for all of the cards and e-mails and a very special thanks to those of you who have told me I am being remembered in your prayers and, in some cases, have even added me to your prayer chains or prayer groups. I couldn’t ask for more.

That’s it for now. Just got back from the hospital, where I got some IVs and pills and other fun stuff and now I really need to take a nap … yes, a nap. I am going to hope to actually produce a real blog next week, so don’t give up on me yet!

“Have a Good Week Everybody”


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  1. Jackie Arias

    Glad to read about your progress… keep going i know it is not easy … and nap as much as you can is needed! As you know you are in my prayers :) …. talk you soon!!

    1. Lyle Hill

      Thank you Jackie. Always nice to hear from you and please keep me in your prayers. Lyle

  2. Frank Dupre

    Regarding “don’t give up on me” just know my friend that we will NEVER give up on you! Bank it.

  3. Lyle Hill

    OK Frank … I’m gonna “bank it” cause you said to do so. Appreciate you my friend. Lyle

  4. Martin Kapolanik

    You are just not give-up-uponable!!! Please focus on getting better and we will be out here praying.

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