Jul 24

Please Tell Me Why!!!

I first noticed the phenomena about 20 or so years ago and, in spite of my repeated attempts to solve the mystery, as of this moment, I have not been able to make any headway. And to be quite candid about it, when I bring the subject up, some people look at me like I’m a little crazy. For a long time, I thought I was the only one that even noticed what was going on, but now I’m thinking I am not alone. I speak here of the great “shoes on the highway” mystery. Have you ever noticed it? I have and quite often, although usually more so in the summer. And the strangest part of the whole thing is that there is usually only one shoe … hardly ever a pair. And why??? Who loses one of their shoes on a highway? And why do you see so many? A conspiracy maybe? Now I am told that there is even a book out about this. The title is (not surprisingly) “Shoes on the Highway” by a Maureen Brady Johnson. If anyone has a copy, can you send it to me? Or if anyone has read it, can you tell me what it’s about? I would order one but it’s $23.75 and that’s a lot of money for a guy like me. Or maybe you have the answer and we don’t need the book. Either way … it’s driving me a little crazier each time I see one lying out there all alone. Help if you can … please!!!


Please Tell Me Why

Because I Care Yet once again, I am going to attempt to solve one of our nation’s biggest problems by single-handedly taking the matter into my own two hands. Wait, there’s something wrong there. Single-handedly implies one hand, whereas my own two hands implies a pair of hands. Confusing. Oh well … maybe that’s a little bit of an overstatement anyway, but I am going to take a close look at what is a big problem for all of us and see if I can’t come up with a solution. I speak here of the U.S. Postal Service’s ongoing financial disaster. Just this morning it was announced that the postal service may have to eliminate home mail box delivery to certain number of its customers – like about 50 million of them – because of mounting financial pressure. So I will take a look at this and attempt to come up with a solution. My findings and conclusions (with recommendations for a solution) will be reported right here next week. You can thank me later, after my report. Cash is always the best form of “thank you” by the way.

Something To ConsiderIt has been a slow couple of weeks glass business-wise, although there is some big talk (rumors) about a very large pending takeover (purchase) of one of the big autoglass providers by another big auto glass provider. Nobody seems to want to talk about it which is often a sign that there is some amount of truth to the rumor. Stay tuned. I’m on it! 

Also, for those of you that primarily focus on the architectural side of the business, you really should be following the Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal which comes out in both printed form (as a magazine) and also has an electronic feature (newsletter@glasssguides.com). Editor Ellen Giard Rogers does a great job with these and a new blogger, architect Christopher Ward from Pasadena, California, has just been added into the mix and will bring some unique perspectives to the forefront. Have you ever been to Pasadena? Beautiful place. Anyway, go check it all out!

I Knew They Would Be Back – Part ThreeSo did you buy your Twinkies yet? Me either, but soon … very soon!

I Understand It Is In ProductionI refer here to Paul Bieber’s much-anticipated book entitled “The Five Minute Consultant’s Solutions to Everyday Business Problems.” Now here is a little factoid that I think may be of some significance at some point in the future … or maybe not. Specifically, I want you to know that I was the first, yes the very first, person to buy Paul’s book. He took my money and acknowledged that I was the first buyer at the Northeast Glass Expo in New York earlier this year. Now I did not get a receipt from Paul, but I have no worry that Paul will not remember this. Of course not … well OK … maybe a little worried here, but not too much. Anyway, the important thing is that I was the first buyer and I am told by the people who did the proof reading for Paul that the book is very, very good. So as soon as I get my copy, I will dive into it and offer up a quick report for you so you will know whether or not you should pursue your very own copy. Just as soon as I get my copy that is … from Paul … who will, I am sure, remember that I gave him the money (cash) for the book … but did not get a receipt. Paul, you do remember, right???  

The Sports ThingBaseball has a problem. A drug problem and once again the profession is going to get dinged big time by it. Ryan Braun (who is getting off way too easy in my opinion) was the first to get punished, but many more are going to follow and it is a real shame. I love baseball and it hurts to see this happening … yet again!

On a happier note, NFL teams will be reporting to training camps all over the country in the next few days and that means the football season can’t be too far away. The Chicago Bears use my old alma mater as their training facility (Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois) and while the prognosticators are mixed on what kind of a season they are going to have, I am still anxious to see it get started. By the way, I have Bears tickets available although they are not particularly good seats. Send me an e-mail if you are interested. Very reasonably priced!

GREAT NEWS … as you hockey fans know, the NHL has worked out a deal to allow their players to participate in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games and that is great news indeed. Sure it messes with the NHL game schedule for a few weeks but I think it is great for the sport and if this next Olympic hockey competition is anywhere as good as the last one, it should be a lot of fun. Can’t wait!

The Quotable Thing … This week’s quote was sent to me by retired glazier Earl Farmer and he thought it was worthwhile and who am I to argue with him? You see, professional boxer Primo Carnera was being interviewed before a big fight in California and was asked a question by a newspaper reporter and the thing went down like this…

Reporter: “How do you like Los Angeles?”             Boxer Primo Carnera: “I knock him out in two rounds.”

Of course, after I read this, another great (somewhat similar) interview came to mind. It went like this …

Reporter: “What do you think of Tiger Woods?”             Pro Golfer Sandy Lyle: “I don’t know. I never played there.”

I know it’s not fair to make fun of these types of things because all of us will sometimes forget where we’re at or in some cases we don’t hear the questions too clearly that are thrown our way. In fact, I still remember vividly an incident that took place in San Antonio while I was with Nel Vachon (one of my all-time favorite people) and his son Charlie at a glass show back many years ago. But you know what, this blog is getting a little long already and so I’ll have to hold that story for another time. Or maybe if you see Chas Vachon, you can ask him about his recollection of a certain on-the-street live interview between a television reporter and the three of us … that got aired by the way … so many many years ago. It too was a classic!

Have A Great Week Everybody!!!


  1. Dan Walsh


    There happens to be a place on a beach on a small Island in the Caribbean that seems to collect flip flops … just 1 … no pairs. The place is Cayman Brac (North East coast). The same spot also appears to be a depository for bamboo, plastic bottles and assorted fishing paraphernalia (boat bumpers, net floats, etc).

    It seems the same people that walk the highways also float the seas …


  2. Lyle Hill

    Thanks Dan. Not sure if this helps or will cost me another night’s sleep but it is always good to hear from you. Lyle

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