Jun 19

Who Should Pay?

Who should pay??? It was an extremely interesting question and while I certainly had a very strong opinion as to what the answer might be, I kept quiet and listened as others stepped forward with what they thought the answer should be. You see, I had been invited to take part in a mini-conference at a very prestigious Chicago institution of higher learning to discuss the current situation and future trending relating to energy conservation program developments … think bio-fuels and photovoltaics here. This invitation-only program included representatives from various fields and in attendance were architects, contractors and the facilities directors of some large multi-building urban campuses. I found the conversation quite informative but couldn’t help but notice that those from academia felt that the government should mandate energy conservation and be willing to force it by way of tax incentives or subsidies while those from the commercial/business field felt that energy conservation programs had to be cost-effective. In other words, they needed to pay for themselves by way of a reasonable return on investment.

Lots going on in this field for sure and I am one of those who strongly believes that we are just a breakthrough or two away from a major shift in energy policy both in the public and private sectors. I’m going to continue to bet on “solar” but am absolutely fascinated by the gains being made in bio-fuel technology. Good things happening here. Stay tuned!

Why Not Stop In?

Neocon 2013 025

Tour Boat on Chicago River

Chicago is a beautiful place to visit during the summer and fall. Can’t really recommend it during the winter. Top destination spot for visitors is Navy Pier with 9.2 million annual visitors. Second is Millennium Park … think of the “Bean” … with 4.5 million visitors and then of course there’s always the Skydeck Chicago at Willis tower … think all glass ledge boxes sticking out of a building 100 stories above the street … which is the city’s number eight (8) most visited attraction with 1.6 million visitors a year. And if you want, I am almost always available for lunch if you’re buying.

Head West, Young Man

It’s a familiar saying, although I have no idea who first said it. And, while I certainly don’t believe myself to be a young man, I am heading west to attend the AIA conference in Denver, one of my favorite cities. I am looking forward to the time I will spend there. I always learn something at these events and if nothing else, I get to see what’s new and happening in the architectural field. I’ll provide you with a little report next week, but right now I gotta get packing. The plane is gonna leave with or without me!

A Reconnection – But Who Will Pay?

Knowing I would be in Denver for a couple of days I reached out to old friend and industry colleague Jerry Grossberg and we’ll be meeting up on Friday for lunch. Jerry was mostly an auto glass guy and I was mostly an architectural glass guy but we had a chance to work together on a few projects some years ago and I really came to appreciate Jerry’s salesmanship and marketing savvy. He is also quite cheap, however, and I have no doubt that I will end up paying for lunch. Oh well!

Cosmopolitan Indeed

Silly Card 002

A Cosmopolitan Card Indeed

To those of you that think I am old-fashioned bordering on hickiness, narrow in my vision,  and lack social awareness, I offer the following photo of a Father’s Day card given to me by daughter Beth and her brood. It features a foreign food favorite, sings a song in a foreign language honoring fathers everywhere and the card itself was produced in a foreign country. It is now pinned to the wall over my computer where I can hear it sing whenever I want. Problem is that it makes me hungry when I look at it!

Something Good – For Me Anyway

My oldest child, Amy Rebecca, gave me my very own six-pack of Snapple diet raspberry ice tea for Father’s day this past Sunday and told me that had it not been for my blogging about how this has become my favorite beverage, she would not have known how much I like it. So I guess this blog has resulted in something positive after all. Who would have thought it???

Congratulations. Russ!!!

For some time now I have said that there were three people who I interacted with during my 42 years in the architectural glass and metal business for whom I had developed a great deal of admiration. One of those three recently received yet another prestigious award and I feel compelled to publicly congratulate him. I refer here to Russ Ebeid, who just recently was awarded The Ellis Island Medal of Honor which is presented by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations to honor contributions made by immigrants to the United States, their home countries and traditions, and the legacy they leave behind for the future generations. The list of those who have received this honor is remarkable and actually includes six U.S. presidents. During Mr. Ebeid’s remarkable tenure as president of Guardian he received numerous awards both in the United States and abroad and his contributions to the glass industry in general and to the many individuals that were fortunate enough to work with him were incredible. Congratulations, Russ … and in your honor, I am going to wear the Detroit Redwings hat that you gave me two years ago. It has not as yet ever been worn but now it seems appropriate to do so. I am placing it upon my head … right now.

The Sports Thing

They had them … yes, they absolutely did but a missed free throw with less than a half-minute remaining let Miami off the hook last night and so there will be a game seven and the odds favor the Heat. I was so disappointed that San Antonio couldn’t finish them off last night that you might have thought I was from Texas. Oh well.

Yes, I know my Blackhawks are down 2-1 in the Stanley Cup Championship and yes I know that they have not looked good for the last game and a half or so, but it’s not over yet. And as long as we’re on the subject, do you want to know who will be going to game five with his son and two grandsons … no, it will not be  Danny, Southside Irish, Simon … it will be ME. I will be there Saturday and the Hawks have never lost a playoff game when I have been in the stands. Also, my son Patrick will be wearing his lucky shamrock green Hawks sweater as well which is also undefeated in playoff history. So if you are a gambler, take the Hawks to win game five this Saturday … not that the Hill clan is superstitious or anything like that.

The Quotable Thing

This week’s quote was taken from the June 18AGC Smart Brief, which I regularly follow. For me it is quite timely and maybe for some of you it is as well. It gets credited to American writer and journalist Elizabeth Wurtzel.

“A human being can survive almost anything as long as she sees the end in sight.”

Have A Great Week, Everybody!!!

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