Jun 26

It Was Enormous

It was enormous, like nothing I had ever seen before. And I wasn’t the only one that was impressed by it. In fact, as I stood there staring at it, several people stopped to look and then started asking me questions about it. I had to quickly explain that I was not with the people that had brought it to the AIA Denver Convention, but I did share what I knew and then referred them on to the Seele representatives who were on hand for further information. The lite of glass in question, which I have to believe represents the largest of its kind ever manufactured and either installed or put on display, was 46’ long by 10’-6” in height and made up of two pieces of ½” low-iron, heat-strengthened glass with a DuPont Sentry Glass Interlayer. By my calculations, this piece of incredibly beautiful glass weighed in at a little over 6,000 pounds. Hats off to Attila Arian and his Seele team for achieving this amazing accomplishment.

ASHRAE 189.1 UpdateJust got these words this morning from Tom Culp which is an excerpt from his report to GANA (Glass Association of North America) regarding yesterday’s meeting … “Obviously, the big topic is the proposal to reduce window-to-wall ratio from 40 percent to 30 percent. We had a huge response and in the end, 72 public comments from 57 different commenters were submitted – all negative and asking for withdrawal of the proposal. This is huge, as they normally only get 5-15 comments per proposal. Equally important, we garnered a diverse group of comments from all across the industry…”

Tom went on to explain that the proposal has been pushed off to a task group for further review and such but he feels that while the battle is still ongoing, we (the glass industry) are in a pretty good position. Thanks again needs to go to Tom, the GANA team, Ellen Rogers and Deb Levy at usglassmag.com and several others for the coordinated effort here. Good job Glass Industry!

The Hockey ThingI guess it all started some thirty years ago or so when I first put an ice rink out in my back yard every winter. Some years we got a lot of use out of it and others, not so much, but when the ice was good, we were on it. As time went by, side boards were added made out of well-worn pieces of 2” x 12” cedar planks, hockey nets were made out of old crate lumber and stained drop cloths, and flood lights were attached to the back of the house and the garage. As a kid, my son Patrick would rather skate than eat and he and his buddies spent many winter hours on that little rink. Patrick would go on to play three years of college hockey at Wisconsin-White Water and a couple of those other pals of his who learned to skate on my backyard rink would also end up playing high school and college hockey. Now grandsons Sam and Ryan are strapping on the skates and I get to see probably 35-40 games of theirs every year. There is nothing in the world like hockey players or hockey fans… or for that matter, hockey players’ parents!

AIA Denver 021

The Clan at Game Five

A Reconnection – And Who Will Pay? – Part TwoWell, as reported last week, I did meet up with Jerry Grossberg for lunch while I was in Denver for the AIA Convention and I did end up paying … no surprise there. But it was great to reconnect with Jerry and as I have said on a number of occasions, one of the best parts of getting to these types of events is the chance to see old friends and business associates and to make new contacts as well. In particular, it was great to bump into Terry Robinholt and Mike Kwasny (Tubelite), John Rovi (SAPA) and Valerie Block (DuPont), and to get a chance to meet Attila Arian (Seele) and Minoru Goseki (Komy Mirror) as well as so many others. But if you really want to get a quick overview of what the show was like … for me anyway … take a peek at the following video put together by Chris Bunn (Key Communications) to see some of what I saw and participated in. Just go to http://www.usglassmag.com/2013/06/lyle-hill-takes-to-the-2013-aia-show/

The Sports ThingWhat can I say??? In the world of sports, what else could possibly matter??? MY Hawks did it again for the second time in four years and the Stanley Cup is back in Chicago, although at the moment no one seems to know exactly where. The tradition is that each player and coach gets to take the cup for a day and the last time it was in Chicago, it showed up all over the place. It even made a brief appearance about a quarter of mile down the road from me at a place called the York Tavern … one of head coach Joel Quenneville’s favorite spots. It is, in my opinion, the greatest trophy in all of sports and not just because the Hawks have reclaimed it. Okay … just a couple of other comments here and then I will stop. First, I believe I predicted two things that have now come true (in the sports world). Specifically, I predicted that no one “could beat the Heat this summer” and indeed, much to my disappointment, the Miami Heat did win the NBA championship. And additionally, I predicted the Hawks over the Bruins in six games and that is exactly what it took to win the series. For now, I am not going to review all of my missed predictions of the past because I am on a roll and would therefore not like to talk about previous mistakes. I am sure some of you understand.AIA Denver 019 The Bruins were incredible and the series could have gone either way. In fact, there were a number of times when the team from Boston dominated play but the Hawks prevailed and that’s all that matters. I know a lot of sportswriters commented about how evenly matched the Hawks and Bruins were, but I gotta tell you, I thought the Detroit Redwings series was every bit as tough as the Boston one. But again, it doesn’t matter … the Chicago Blackhawks are the 2013 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

The Quotable Thing … this week’s quote comes from a former co-worker who wishes to remain anonymous. And the quote itself is also anonymous unless one of you much learned readers can enlighten us. Either way, I like it.

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most hurry off as if nothing had happened”

Have A Great Week Everybody!!!

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