May 01

Going (for the) Green

Like just about everyone these days, I, too, am really in to conservation. And why shouldn’t I (or you for the matter) not be? Who can argue with the fact that we are polluting and junking up the world we live in at an ever increasing pace? Just look around you! So, like many, I find myself reading about the topics of conservation and sustainability almost daily and there is much to read … much to ponder … much to learn. But here is where I end up and I while don’t intend to be cynical,  I may come off as sounding such. Specifically, I believe that until there is real money to be made (and remember that saving money is the same as making money) in the “Greening Movement:” is going to stumble along at a snail’s pace. This country is driven by economic forces. Change comes about most quickly when money can be made in the process. Hit me hard enough in my wallet every time I am not conservationally and/or environmentally efficient, and I will change my behavior in direct proportion to the cost I incur by not being so. Sooner or later, when the cost of not being efficient is burdensome enough, real and complete change will take place. And not a minute sooner … in my opinion. You want people to go for the green … give ‘em the real green to go for! 

Thanks For Your Kindness

Going for the Green!

Going for the Green!

After last week’s report that I had suffered a number of cuts when my shower door broke (while I was in the shower) last Sunday morning, I received some very nice emails (and a particularly kind one from old friend Rick Berleth) wishing me a speedy recovery. These were truly appreciated. I am still finding pieces of glass a week after the accident … tempered glass is amazing. It’s hard to appreciate the compressed tension it sustains until it breaks. One person wrote to me and stated that they were surprised to find that I didn’t have a tempered/laminated shower door. Yet another reader called and told me of a similar incident that had occurred while his young child was in the shower and that she had required a number of stitches (in her leg and foot) due to the exploding glass. My body is kinda old and grizzly so my cuts were minor … much more thankful that nothing got into my eyes. No one loves glass more than me. It is my favorite building material, but it has to be handled properly, installed properly, maintained properly, and used properly. And even then, things can happen.

Will It or Won’t It?

Yes, in follow up to my comments last week about our strange weather this year, it appears as though summer has arrived in my part of the country. High temperature here today is forecast to hit 85 degrees. But wait, the forecast for tomorrow is to go back into the 50s and I just heard a weather report claiming that it is once again snowing in the high plains and upper Midwest! You tell me … what is going on!?!

It Has Come To My Attention

Actually, there are two things that have now come to my attention. First thing … readers do not like to publicly post a comment about something that I have written but don’t seem to have a problem sending a direct email to me with a comment, question, or barb. Not a problem. I tend to do the same thing with bloggers that I follow. Second thing … some readers don’t follow this blog on a weekly basis but seem to check it out every so often and therefore sometimes send me a comment about something that was actually posted a few weeks back. Also, not a problem. I just appreciate any and all readers and welcome any and all comments. Keep ‘em coming. Oh, one more thing. A recent report/analysis that was sent over to me indicated that I am now up to nine (9) regular readers. I know who six of you are, but who is the new one? Number nine, could you kindly identify yourself?

The Sports Thing

Okay, I admit that I am a bit of a “homer” when it comes to sports matters, but that’s OK because most likely, so are you. So, did you catch the first round of the NHL playoffs? Good stuff going on and my Blackhawks are off and running, or maybe sputtering is a better term but they still won their first game. Hey, while we’re on the sports thing, what happened to Tim Tebow? In case you haven’t heard, he was released (by the NFL Jets) and it doesn’t appear as though any other NFL team is all that interested. Now comes word that the Omaha Beef (gotta love that name!!!) of the indoor arena league has interest in him and it could be Timmy does that or takes a hike up to Canada to play in the CFL. Wow … remember just a couple of seasons ago when Tebow was the talk of the nation while pulling out one victory after another in Denver? How fast things can change. A lesson there for all of us I think!

The Quotable Thing

This week’s quotation submittal comes from Dave Castle and it’s a thing of beauty. It was said by Mark Twain many a year ago. Here it is;

“The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin.”

Have A Great Week, Everybody!!!

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