Apr 24

Yes, It Happened To Me!

Well, it finally happened! And I gotta tell you, in a million years I didn’t think it would ever happen to me. I mean after all, I spent over 42 years in the glass business and a fair amount of that time in my younger years was spent handling glass. Cutting it, polishing it, loading it and yes, from time to time, installing it. All kinds of glass too … mirrors, shower doors, window glass, plate glass, auto glass … you name it and I handled it. And to be sure, there was a time or two when I had a close call with what could have been s nasty situation. And of course I knew people who were cut badly or hurt in other ways while handling glass. My own son, Patrick, sustained a nasty cut to his forearm just a few years back that required a few dozen stitches to close up and yes, I knew people who had fared even worse than just a nasty cut while working with glass. Glass is dangerous. It can hurt, maim or even kill. It needs to be handled properly. By professionals who are not only trained in the right way to deal with glass but who also have the right tools and equipment to handle it and more importantly, know how to use those tools and equipment. Glass handling is not to be taken lightly.

So there I was … just finishing up my Sunday morning shower and in a bit of a hurry because two of the grandkids had spent the night with us and we were a little behind schedule … to get dressed and out the door to church … and it happened. As I slid the tempered glass shower door to get out of the shower, it caught, snagged if you will, at the top and so I yanked a little harder than I should have and POW … it shattered, exploding, as designed to do, into a couple of thousand little pieces of glass going in all directions.

Nine cuts on the right hand and four on the left foot including one on the bottom side of my foot. Two bad scrapes on the right forearm and one nasty bruise on top of the right foot. Glass and blood everywhere. Worst cut was on the knuckle of my third finger on the right hand. Four days later and still wearing bandages over four of the cuts. So thankful none of it went into my eyes. So glad that code requires the use of SAFETY glass in shower doors! Still can’t believe it happened to me … after all of these years.

 Spring Photos 011-2Will It or Won’t It?

Last night, April 23, the temperature here in the western suburbs of Chicago hit a low of 35 degrees. I also saw on the news this morning that some place near the Canadian border, but within the US border, hit 11 below zero last night. Further, Duluth, Minn., just got whacked with another snowstorm (along with a whole swath of the Dakotas and the upper Minnesota area, and they now have received more snow (51 inches plus) in April than is typical in an entire winter (I think their winter averages for snowfall are about 45 inches give or take a bit).  And to go along with unnaturally low temperatures in my part of the country, we have had endless rain and now flooding in neighborhoods all around me. Got 6.69 inches of rain in a 24-hour period just a few days back which flooded out homes and businesses. SO … is this global warming? Or is it not? And, my biggest question of the moment … will spring ever come or won’t it??? Sure I got a few buds on a few trees but with temperatures still in the 30s, what’s to be expected? I am sick of this miserable weather and I am ready for a change!

Spring Photos 004-3The Boston Bomb-Marathon Thing

A couple of people asked me for my opinion on the Boston bombing situation and I am no more qualified to weigh in on this than 99.9 percent of the rest of the general population. I don’t pretend to understand how some people are able to do the things they do to each other and I guess I never will. Hatred, jealousy, envy or whatever else it is that drives people to do the dastardly things they do is never easy to understand. I just pray that those I care about as well as myself, will be spared from these types of social diseases … and yes, that’s what I think they are!

The Sports Thing

Well, the NBA (basketball) playoffs have begun and I think the only real question to answer here might be who will the Miami Heat face and beat in the finals? I really don’t see who stands up to them in a multiple game series unless someone of note were to get injured along the way. In many circles, the Heat have become the team to hate and it’s kinda easy to see why … arrogance is never well received whether it be basketball, business, or any other setting.

As for the NHL (hockey) playoffs which start next week … I am 95 percent sure that it will come down to the Hawks or the Penguins … and I am guessing you know where my loyalty lies with that one. GO HAWKS!!!

The Quotable Thing

This one comes from my good friend Ludek. It was said by G. Santayana and has both business and social implications. I like it!

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Have A Great Week, Everybody!!!


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  1. Jeff Cothery

    It’s almost sacrilegious for a hockey fan from Detroit but I think I’ll have to cheer on the Blackhawks in a showdown against the Penguins. Just hope the Red Wings keep their playoff streak alive.

    1. Lyle R. Hill

      Thank you Jeff. Also, I have long admired the Redwings organization. Great bunch!!! Lyle

  2. Brya Hovey

    Congrats on the Presidents trophy win. Capitals and Blackhawks final?

    1. Lyle R. Hill

      I’m good with that Bryan. It would be a good series … Blackhawks in five I would think. Lyle

  3. Debra Levy

    Lyle, we are very glad you emerged not too badly damaged by your close encounter of the shower-door kind … and that your hands are still able to type!

    1. Lyle R. Hill

      Deb … thuilnk yoo bpt my hansds ar noot heeleded up tou goodd quityt yett soo me tyeping is a litllte shaakiy stiel. Lylye

  4. Debra Levy

    P.S. and don’t forget about the CAPS!

  5. Lyle R. Hill

    Deb … of course not. Especially with both you and Bryan such big fans! Lyle

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