Mar 13

Scared Half to Death

It scared me half to death … it would probably have scared me all the way to death but I was sleeping peacefully in bed when it happened so the pillows and mattress cushioned me from the full impact. At first, for a second or two, I thought it might be a dream but then I realized it wasn’t. The siren blared just a few feet from my head and the flashing strobe light blinded me when I looked in its direction. I wanted it to be a dream or even a regular grade nightmare, but it was not so. Then, after at least a full minute of siren blare and flashing strobe, a loud voice shouted “evacuate the building” so I got dressed in record time, grabbed my wallet, cell phone and coat and headed out to find a safe passage from my sixth-floor hotel room. I made my way down to the lobby and was directed out of the building. It was snowing, windy and cold. Others had it worse than me. Some didn’t take the time to grab their coats and others, like good friend Paul Bieber, had to walk all the way down from the tenth floor. Most of the guests that night at the Hyatt in Hauppauge, N.Y., were there for the Glass Expo Northeast™ show so at least I had a few people that I knew and could talk to but boy was it cold. Some who had driven to the event made their way to their cars where they were able to keep warm and dry. Those less fortunate, such as myself, stood in the cold. Naturally, the ever-resourceful and charming Mr. Bieber somehow managed to stay inside the lobby looking out at us commoners as we shivered.

Shivering on the Outside

Shivering on the Outside

After a solid 30 minutes or more of shaking and complaining we were let back into the building where we were promptly told that an electrical fire had occurred in one of the building’s control panels and that we would all have to get new keys in order to get back in our rooms. Two long lines quickly formed. Mr. Bieber was first in line but was thoughtful enough to wave to the rest of us as he headed off to his room. What a guy!The show itself was terrific and I was most impressed with the large group that participated in the Thursday Architectural Forum. The weather was not good at all and yet the crowds were large and the entire event had a certain “buzz” to it. I am a big fan of the regional shows … they are busy but usually not too much so and while they are typically crowded, again not too much so. Real business gets done at these events and the connections made are usually strong and long-lasting. I think the next one, Glass Expo Midwest™, is in Chicago next fall. Hope to see you there!

I Think It’s A Conspiracy

I am not a government conspiracy theory type of guy. I know a couple of people who are … they think everything is a conspiracy and that anything that happens that defies logic or a simple explanation is an example of a governmental conspiracy of some type or another. But I gotta tell you. I may have to rethink my position on this. You see, about 10 days ago I got the new Microsoft 2013 Office program and the only explanation for what they have done to what was an otherwise wonderful and efficient system is that they allowed the government to get involved. You see, my old version (I think 2007 or something) did not have Powerpoint on it and I couldn’t just get this particular program added because I was told it was no longer available as an upgrade. I had to get the new, improved version (2013), but I was assured I would love it and be much happier in the long run. So here I am about to go crazy fumbling my way through a program that has all kinds of unnecessary features and options and one that has gone out of its way to hide or make difficult all of the old features I loved. If it works and people like it, why change it and why change it so much? I think the government has to be involved. So you heard it here first … the U.S. Government is conspiring through Microsoft to drive us all insane so we won’t notice any tax increases or benefit reductions.

One Happy Guy

One Happy Guy


A Happy Guy

Bumped into Bob Price at Glass Expo Northeast and he seemed to be in really good spirits. I asked him about it and he said that he has been doing a fair amount of travel lately but had gotten a new Dora The Explorer Backpack a few weeks ago (you may remember that I was the first to report about his having lost his original Dora bag last fall) and so everything was now back to normal for him. We’re all so happy for you, Bob!

The Show Drew Large Crowds

Glass Expo Northeast drew large crowds.

The Sports Thing

Okay, it’s over. My incredible Chicago Blackhawks finally lost a game in regulation this season after going 24 games in a row without doing so. The loss took place last Friday night in Colorado. Then they lost again two nights later in a home game against Edmonton. Well, it has been said many a time that all god things must come to an end at some point and so now the Hawk’s streak has. Oh well.

Hey, has anybody noticed how well the Italians (yes, the Italians) have done in the World Baseball Classic? They even beat Mexico a few days back. What’s going on here?

March Madness is in full swing basketball wise at both the college and high school level. I live in a high school basketball hotbed so there is plenty to watch and follow and my grandson Sam’s high school hockey team (Willowbrook Renegades) continues to advance in the state playoffs here as well. It’s all making me dizzy … and I love every minute of it!

The Quotable Thing 

This week’s quote was sent in by Tom Lafferty, Art’s older and better-looking brother. It is credited as having been said by Alexander Graham Bell and I thought it was not only a good quote but timely as well. It seems that now a days we all spend a lot of our time running in multiple directions without getting much of anything accomplished. The words concentrate and focus seemed quite appropriate to me. Here it is and thanks, Tom.

“Concentrate all of your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

Have a Great Week, Everybody!!!

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