Feb 13

They’re Watching!!!

Don’t think for even a single minute that you can escape them. They are everywhere, even in places you might least suspect. And don’t think you are protected from them by the law either because you are not although some effort is now being made to change this troublesome invasion. I am referring here to the near omnipresent and often annoying surveillance camera. According to a recent study, the average American living in an urban setting is caught on surveillance cameras not less than 17 times a day … unless you don’t leave your home of course. And if you are working in a large office building in a large city and take public transportation to get to and from your job, you could very well be picked up on more than 30 cameras a day.

They’re Watching You … All The Time!

They’re Watching You … All The Time! (Photo courtesy of Magpie Newling Studio)

And you gotta remember, the cameras never blink, never get tired, and never lie. Projections are that there will be even more of these cameras in the future. In the city of London, I am told that there are surveillance cameras on virtually every street and that it is almost impossible not to be watched anytime you are out in public there. A little scary maybe! Makes me a little uneasy to tell you the truth. Not because I plan to do anything illegal but just because I don’t like the idea of being watched all the time. You know, the Big Brother thing is little bothersome. Oh well!

Looking Forward To It

I haven’t been to the Chicago Auto show in at least 20 years but not only am I going later this week but I am going with my grandson, Jake … drummer for the very popular band, Finding Valor. I plan on taking the camera and getting some quality photos which I will post here next week. I am quite anxious to see what Chevrolet has come up with for the next-generation Corvette. They also are going to have a new Impala that will be available as the 2014 model. I am a Chevy guy. There are two Chevys in my garage and each of my kids has at least one in their garages. So I really do want to see what the new Impala looks like because I will be in the market for a car between now and the end of this year and I have always had good fortune with my Chevys. My current Impala has almost 100,000 miles on it and other than a battery, a new set of tires and brakes, I have not done anything to it other than the normal scheduled maintenance things. My son, Patrick, has an Impala (mostly driven by my daughter-in-law, Renee) with well over 100,000 miles on it and my grandson Jake’s Blazer has well over 100,000 miles on it as well. The rest of the family Chevys have similar stories. Maybe we’ve just been lucky but the facts are the facts. Okay … enough commercial … I’ll post the pictures next week.

It Was Nice To Hear

Traded e-mails with “old retired – but working harder than ever and having lots of fun” friend Russ Ebeid (former president/CEO of Guardian) and it was obvious from the exchange that he has lost neither his quick wit or sense of humor. You gotta bring you’re A-game to keep up with Russ. There have been three people that I have met during my glass industry career that truly impressed me and Russ is one of them. Happy birthday also!

Double-Digit Price Increases???

That’s what I’m hearing from a few people out there on the soon-to-be released (and in some cases already-released) new glass price schedules. Is it real and will it stick???


Got a note yesterday from the nice people up in Lakewood, Wash., announcing the 30th anniversary of Sound Glass, which is headquartered there. Congratulations, Sound Glass team, and I hope the next 30 years are as successful for you as the first 30 were!

The Sports Thing

C’mon, you sports fans! Don’t tell me you’re not excited. And certainly you have a right to be because this week is the official start of the baseball season. That’s right, the baseball season. Specifically, spring training opens this week and while the significant word for many there might be spring, the beginning of the 2013 baseball season has now begun as first the pitchers and catchers report and then follows what are known as the position players … everybody else. To be totally honest, I am more excited about the spring thing than the baseball thing right now because I absolutely love working outside in the yard in particular, sitting on my back porch in the mornings with a cup of coffee in hand while reading the daily newspaper and unless the temperature is at least 68 degrees or so, I can’t take it.

For you college basketball junkies, this has already been an incredible year with one upset after another. With March Madness and the NCAA tournament just a few weeks away, the office pools (a bigger deal than many might believe) should be more interesting and unpredictable than ever! If any of you guys need a pool participant, send me your form and I’m in …. But only the first two that I receive.

Okay … I know that you are expecting me to comment on my Chicago Blackhawks and so I will. They are STILL UNDEFEATED in regulation play with a record of 10-0-3 as of this moment.

The Quotable Thing

This week’s quote was sent my way by Deb Levy who is kind enough to send these types of things to me on a somewhat regular basis. The saying itself is credited to Thoreau. Thanks, Deb!

 “It is not enough to be busy…The question is: What are we busy about?”


Have A Great Week, Everybody!!!



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