Nov 28

Me Ask What?

Okay, well, truth be known I had taken this week off from blog writing. I told the powers-that-be over at  USGNN.com that I would be off this week on an extended Thanksgiving holiday. And because the powers-that-be are powerless to change that, they told me to enjoy my week off. In fact, they were so nice about it, they kinda made me feel bad about taking it off.  Made me feel a bit guilty about going a week without reaching out to you and all that other feel good kinda Thanksgiving stuff.

Because of this, I decided I would write anyway and share with you an amazing thing that happened to me while I was in San Francisco at Greenbuild two weeks ago. It changed my life. You see, all of us, since we are old enough to communicate are always searching for answers … answers to questions that we think, as well as questions that we ask aloud. And while I was out in the city by the bay, I found a guy who had the answers to everything. He told me to ask him, and I did:



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