Feb 18

Where’s Lyle Today?

I’ve been hit with a number of very enjoyable, but time-intensive, consulting projects this week, but hope to be back blogging next week.

Feb 11

The Chosen Road

Lyle Hill sent the following about his blog today:

Dear USGlass magazine,

You might notice it is almost midnight Tuesday night as I write this. Since I have a very busy Wednesday with a very early meeting, I wrote my blog tonight and have just finished cropping and uploading the pictures for it. Unfortunately, in my overjoyed excitement at uploading the photos, I accidentally misplaced said blog on my computer….okay, let’s just say I forgot to save it. So, as the midnight hour approaches, I am faced with a dilemma: Sleep, or write the blog all over again? I think you know which one I chose.

Have a great week everybody!

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