Aug 26

Outta Gas Already???

It’s not only a little surprising, but kind of discouraging, as well … if it’s true, that is. You see, things were really starting to look up for a lot of us, and particularly so if you were in any way tied to the construction industry. But now, many are starting to question where we might be headed.

You see, after several months of employment growth throughout the country in construction-related jobs, now comes a report by the Department of Labor that July saw construction employment growth in only about half of the states (28, as I recall) and even saw some decline in a few others. And summer is usually the best time of the year for the construction industry, as far as employment goes. So the questions needs to be asked … are we out of gas (economically speaking), or is it just an abnormality that will straighten itself out in months to come? This report, on top of all of the stock market craziness, has more than a few people worried. Some economists are predicting a downturn that could lead to another recession as the global economy and China, in particular, continue to falter. As with everything else, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thank You

… for the emails and calls asking about my well-being after I stopped blogging for a few weeks. All is good. We just were in the process of moving … downsizing from our home of 21 years to a condominium just a few miles away. It was an event, let me tell you, and we are still unpacking and sorting things out. Fortunately for me, my wife Sandi is extremely organized, and while that certainly helped, it was still a lot of work. Our house sold in eight days, and we didn’t think it would go that fast. We got lucky, but then we had to really put it in gear, because the sale and repurchase had very short time constraints attached to the agreements. Anyhow, it is done, and life will now start getting back to its “normal” self again … I hope!

Get Your Copy

I got my copy of the USGlass Special Anniversary Issue (50 years), and it is (as usual) a great read. Congratulations USGlass on 50 incredible years of service to the architectural glass and metal industry. Without doubt, USGlass is not only the most widely read but also the most respected trade publication in the industry today.

The $10 Bill Thing

As you may know, the government is apparently planning to change the face that is currently on the U.S. $10 bill. Currently, it is Alexander Hamilton. The push is to use a woman’s face on the new $10, and a recent poll indicates the front-runner is Eleanor Roosevelt. I think this is wrong and would be a huge mistake. We need to get real … most people under the age of 35 probably know nothing about Mrs. Roosevelt. I think the new $10 should have one of the Kardashians, or Hillary, or some other important trend-setter or leader of the modern era. We need to stop living in the past. Don’t you agree?

The BIG Show

The combined Auto Glass Week™ and International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ are being held jointly in Reno, Nevada, from September 30 thru October 2. This event is always one of my favorites because it includes the auto glass and filmers competition events. Lots of energy, lots of high-spirited competitions and lots of cash to the winners of the various events. If you’ve never attended this event, this is the year to do so. Great venue and believe me, you won’t be disappointed. Hope to see you there.

A Job-site Essential 

Hey, with no elevator or man-lift, you do what you gotta do to keep lost time to a minimum!

booth photos 027

The Sports Thing

Not surprisingly, it looks like the Chicago Cubs might just make the playoffs this year and could even do pretty well, based on the way they are playing. You might ask why this is not surprising to me … well, it’s because I gave up my tickets a couple of years ago, so naturally they will now do well. No one is a poorer predictor of sports success than me. BUT … hockey season is getting closer by the minute, and I can’t wait. So I have that to look forward to and the Bears might actually do better than anyone is expecting, but no matter what,  I am not making any predictions on anything ever again

The Quotable Thing

This week’s quote comes from none other than that great writer, talented editor and all-around wonderful person, Tara Taffera. It was from a voicemail message Tara heard while trying to contact a colleague of hers.

“I will be away from the office for a few days with limited access to e-mail as I will be chasing my kids and trying to prevent sunburns.”


Jul 15

He Actually Did It!

YES, he actually did it. And I am now paying the price for his actions. Although I guess if I really analyze the whole thing, it is my fault to begin with. You may remember that four or five weeks ago, I went on a very lovely vacation to Sanibel Island in Florida and commented in this very blog that we all need and should take vacations. They are good for the mind and body, and nothing but bad can come from working all the time and not stopping to unwind and refresh from time to time. Well my son, Patrick R., informed me about 10 days ago that he had decided to take his father’s “excellent advice” and go on a family vacation—the first real vacation that he has had in several years. Sure, they go camping some weekends, but he hadn’t taken a REAL vacation for some time now, and he was happy to tell me that he thought my advice was great and just what he, Renee, Sydney and Ryan needed. But like lots of things connected to your kids, there was a catch … a very big catch.

You see, if Patrick was going to follow my advice and take a full week off and take a true vacation, he would need someone to fill in for him … to cover for him at his office. And as you may have guessed, dear old dad was nominated and unanimously elected to handle the job while he “refreshes” himself at Disney World with the family.

The problem is that what he can do in eight hours takes me 12, and his business is really booming right now. I want to tell you that after two days of this, I am pretty tired, and I have three more days to go! My own work has to now get done at night or squeezed in between phone calls, estimating and order-taking during the day. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the kid dearly, but this is one of those times when I wish he hadn’t listened to me!!!

A Real Shorty

The above report is totally true, and because I need to sleep at least a few hours a night, this blog is going to be a real shorty.

Sydney White???

Renee, my wonderful daughter-in-law, sent this picture taken today at Disney World, which is of granddaughter Sydney and Snow White. Now you tell me … who has the lighter skin tone, Snow White or Sydney???

Sydney Marie with Snow White

Sydney Marie with Snow White

The Sports Thing

Got nothing to say here today so I won’t waste your time or mine. YAWN …

The Quotable Thing

This week’s quote was contributed by Roy “Stumpy” Darby. Stumpy is one of the most interesting people I have ever known, and I have learned much from him … most of it legal as well as practical. Stumpy is a history buff and regularly has provided me with reading material and suggested quotes. If you follow my columns in USGlass, you may remember that I wrote about Stumpy (probably a year ago now, at least), and included a number of his “original” quotations in that column. Anyway, Stumpy has now sent me several dozen suggested quotations for this blog, and some of them are pretty good and will be used. I thought this one was particularly timely. It is attributed to Ronald Reagan.

“Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.”

Hope You Are Having A Wonderful Summer!!!

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