May 27

Don’t Think It’s Easy

Please, don’t think it is as easy as it looks. You see, I have a lot of experience, and believe me, it takes a great deal of effort and preparation. Even when things seem to be going well, there is always tension and concern, because anything less than great is simply not acceptable. I refer here to the work I do for USGlass magazine, as I go from venue to venue across this great land of ours covering various events and seeking knowledge, insight, as well as a sneak peek at the next “big thing” coming to our precious, overworked and underpaid industry. I recognize and accept the burden of doing what I do knowing full well that people are counting on me, and the last thing I want to do is disappoint in any way.

And trust me, I take it all quite seriously, as I use all of the savvy I have accumulated through the years to present our industry with sophisticated news and event coverage. And perhaps even more importantly, I have now begun to dedicate myself to working with the younger generation (the Millennials, if you will) to pass on to them what I have learned and live by. 

With this in mind, I think the following video produced at the recent Atlanta AIA Convention will be found to be worth your time. Also, if you think I can be of help to you with the training and development of your very own “millennials” you know where to find me. For some unknown reason, these millennials seem to respect me and are anxious to learn from me. But remember, I don’t necessarily work cheap, but I do accept cash. Now please, take a look ………

 The Sports Thing

I don’t see how you can find anything more exciting (right now) in the world of sports than the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. Unbelievable drama in every game. If you are into hockey, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you are not, give it a try. It is simply fantastic!!!

The Quotable Thing

I have been working on an article dealing with “bosses” and what their subordinates think of them. I hope to publish it in USGlass Magazine in July. This quote was given to me by one of the people I interviewed for the article when I asked him to describe his boss. This person wishes to remain anonymous. I know his boss and am not surprised by his feelings or his desire to keep his name out of this.

“He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages; so ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on.”    … Ben Franklin

Please Have a Wonderful Week Everyone

May 20

It’s in the Pudding!

My father, Lyle Alvin Hill, had about a dozen sayings that he would occasionally drop into his conversations. One of them was, “the proof is in the pudding,” which until I was about 10 years of age, meant absolutely nothing to me. But slowly, I came to understand. It was his way of saying that the proof or value of something wasn’t in the words spoken about it, but rather in the end result.

I have stated over the past few weeks that the construction industry has really heated up based on conversations I have had with contractors, fabricators and various suppliers. Some tangible evidence in the way of reports and such have also indicated that things have improved, but now, the proof (which is always in the pudding) is here … at least in my opinion. You see, a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics just a couple of weeks ago indicates that the unemployment rate for the construction industry in this country has hit a low that has not been seen in years and is less than half of what it was in 2011. The construction industry is alive, well and working. For how long you might ask … that pudding is not yet ready for tasting.

An Explanation – Finally

I don’t know about you, but for some time now I have been a bit confused over this whole millennials and generation-Xers thing. I mean, who’s who? I know I am a baby boomer (or at least that’s what I’ve been told), but who are the millennials and Xers? Well, now I know … and I am going to straighten it out for you too. The millennials are considered to be the 18-34 years olds. The Xers are the 35-50 year olds. I’m actually reading through a study that attempts to analyze and define these two groups from a working/employment point of view, and as soon I finish it, I will share some of the conclusions with you. I think you might find them interesting.  

A Quick “Shout Out”

John Weise of Barco

John Weise of Barkow

While at the AIA Convention in Atlanta last week, I had the opportunity of reconnecting with a few old friends while also getting an opportunity to make a few new ones. In particular, I got a chance to speak at length with Gary Sprague, vice president of design for CRL/US Aluminum. I knew who Gary was, but never had a chance to spend any real time with him. I now realize how immersed he and his family have been in the glass industry, with Gary literally growing up in the business. Thanks for the time and info Gary … I’m so glad we got a chance to connect.


Last night, I was sorting through some pictures I took at the Northeast Glass Expo a few weeks back and came across this one of long time, good friend John Weise of Barkow. I thought this was a really good shot of John, so I just had to use it (picture right). John’s one of those guys that just never ages. How do you do it, John?

That Silly Government of Ours

Now comes a report from the people at USA Today that the government (through the National Guard) spent $26.5 million dollars to sponsor NASCAR in 2012 as a recruiting tool to attract potential Guard reservists. The program attracted only 20 potential recruits (those who actually met the requirements). This equates to more than $1.3 million per qualified recruit. And, you may ask, of those 20, how many ended up actually joining the National Guard? The answer – NONE! Ah you gotta love the government. 

On A Sad Note

Got word a few days ago that Tom Minnon (Tubelite) had passed away. He was 63. I really liked Tom. We regularly had e-mail exchanges (usually sports related), and I always looked forward to seeing him at industry events. He had a subtle but really good sense of humor, and I respected him both professionally and personally. My prayers go out for his wife Hope and the boys. He will be truly missed by all who knew him.

I Have Decided-Part Two

To run for President of the United States of America. Everyone else seems to be, so why not me? Please send cash to support me at your earliest opportunity. Small bills are preferred. No checks please. Also, if you know anybody with a high ranking position at the National Guard who is responsible for recruiting programs, have them contact me at once. I will need funding and am willing to join the Guard immediately, and it will not cost them $1.3 million to get me to sign on.

A Family Feud – Maybe!  …

I found out this morning that Matt Pontikis, youngest son of Pete and Tina Pontikis, has taken a job with the Chicago Cubs as a “ball boy”. Now, on the surface, this might seem like a good thing – HOWEVER – Matt just graduated last week with a mechanical engineering degree from The University of Illinois, and if his initial career choice was not suspect enough, I happen to know that his father Pete is an avid Chicago White Sox fan! At first, this might seem like a classic “feud” in the making, but I also happen to know that Pete would have done the exact same thing if given the chance, and Matt’s prospective employer has also encouraged Matt to spend the summer at Wrigley before getting down to career matters. For Pete’s sake, I do have a call into the White Sox to see if they will match the offer!

Pete, Matt & Tina Pontikis

Pete, Matt & Tina Pontikis

The Sports Thing

I stayed up three hours past my bed time last night to watch what became the longest game in Chicago Blackhawks history, as my beloved hawks beat the Ducks of Anaheim with a little less than five minutes to go in the third overtime. After watching that game, I have no interest in discussing or commenting on any other sports news at the present time. What a game – what a finish – what happens next with these two teams???

The Quotable Thing

This week’s quote comes from regular contributor Art Lafferty. It was said by Vince Lombardi, who would have never had any interest whatsoever in working for the Cubs.

“Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity.”

Please Have a Wonderful Week Everyone


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