Oct 29

‘Til The End!

I don’t know why, but it happens … in seemingly every aspect of life as we know it. In the case of humans, I’m not sure where it comes from. Maybe it’s genetic, or perhaps just something instilled in us at a very early age. But wherever it comes from and whatever it is, it most certainly exists. In the plant world you see it, too. Like the one last leaf that still hangs from a tree days after the rest have fallen away. I’m referring here to that elusive drive that exists in some that simply won’t let them quit … that drives them to be the last one to drop … to never surrender. We see it regularly in sports, where the athlete who may not have as much skill or strength as their opponent just simply, through force of will, comes out on top. I’ve seen it in business, too. Some surrender easily, while others, against what appears to be overwhelming odds, push through to success. In a way, it’s a stubbornness of spirit, I guess. But where does that come from? I wish I could find a source, bottle it and sell it. It may be the most valuable trait a person can have when all is said and done.

Hats Off To

…the team from USGlass that covered the gigantic glasstec 2014 event in Dusseldorf, Germany last week. Professional, interesting, timely … in every way, “well done.” Ellen Rogers, Casey Flores and Chris Bunn, my hat is off to you!!!

Really Busy

I gotta keep today’s blog kind of short, because I am absolutely overwhelmed this week and am getting pressed from all sides. I am also in the middle of some serious research projects … including one involving Idaho potatoes … and these research projects take a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, the important topics of the day are covered in the daily USGNN releases, so I can focus on these very important research matters … I will share my potato report with you as soon as it is complete. Anyway, my overload and a very bad head cold have really knocked me out this week. Forgive me, please. 

How Long Does It Last?

I don’t think anybody knows for sure, but enjoy it while you can. Reference here is made to the incredible surge in glass industry volume (demand) from coast to coast. Lead times (as reported over the last few weeks) continue to elongate, and I was told a couple of weeks ago that some vendors are not only turning down new customers, but cutting off those that have been … for lack of a better term … deadbeats in the past. You could see all of this coming as far back as last spring. The real question is, how long does it last? And hey you vendor–suppliers who have turned a deaf ear to potential new accounts, remember, please that those guys have long memories, too.

This guy Just Won’t Give In 

This guy Just Won’t Give In

The Sports Thing

I don’t think anyone thought the World Series would go seven games between the Giants and the Royals, but by golly, it did. Maybe those crazy Royals have some of that “won’t quit” attitude mentioned a little earlier. It’s been a good series and, you know, I think the Royals are going to pull it out.

Surprisingly, after the Patriots totally embarrassed my Bears last Sunday, I did not hear from Tom Minion. Either he is sick, out of the country, or is a nicer guy than I thought he was. Wow, what a beat down that was!

Hey. Last week’s USG Pickem winner was Jay Campbell of Billco.

The Quotable Thing

This week’s quote was sent in anonymously … not sure why … but I like it and decided to use it. It is credited to author, Alain De Botton.

“Work begins when the fear of doing nothing at all finally trumps the terror of doing it badly.”

“Have a Wonderful Week Everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN.”


Oct 22

You Should Have Known

It’s here and it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to those who are well informed. I speak here of the incredible demand for materials and labor in the glass industry as we move through the fourth quarter. In talking with any number of people in the industry, including several that I spent time with at Auto Glass Week™ a week and a half ago in Baltimore, it has gotten a little crazy out there as lead times have really been stretched and qualified people can’t be found. A number of manufacturers have followed Viracon’s lead (of a couple of months ago) by simply not taking new orders until they can catch up with current production demands. I am personally involved with two jobs that have seen material lead times double and have personal knowledge of a glazing contractor turning down a very nice mid-size project that he bid last June but that he can no longer man in the timeframe the job is needed. How much longer does this last? Who knows? But it is an interesting time in which we are operating. Go get ‘em guys!

Here’s Something That’s Kinda Scary

According to a recent report released to Bloomberg Business Week, only 36 percent of adult Americans can name the three branches of government. This is pretty pathetic. We used to study this stuff in school and get tested repeatedly on it. So why wouldn’t at least 90 percent of the populace know that the three branches of government are the military, the IRS and the post office? What’s wrong with you people???

And This Is Maybe A Little Scary Too

Did you know that Chinese nationals spent approximately $22 billion on U.S. homes last year and that predictions are that this amount will go up even more in the coming years? Just asking. 

Not Again – Please

According to both the Farmer’s Almanac (which has an incredible level of historical accuracy) and the National Weather Service (which has an accuracy level less than the Farmer’s Almanac but still not bad) have now predicted a winter season for the upcoming season that will be similar to last year’s winter season. This is not good news. Remember the “Polar Vortex” thing. Well my friends, it is apparently coming back for a winter rerun. Get ready!

It's on its way!

It’s on its way!


The Sports Thing

This is that time of year when a guy like me can suffer from “Sports Overload” and I’ll give you just a couple of quick examples. To start with, I am the official photographer for the Willowbrook (High School) Renegades varsity hockey team. I had to cover a game last Saturday night (away game) and the team’s home opening game on Sunday night. This team is the team that my grandson Sam plays on. I also got to a game that grandson Ryan plays on earlier in the afternoon on Saturday. This made for three in-person games in a span of about 28 hours. Last night the Giants beat the Royals in the first game of the World Series but I only caught bits and pieces of it because I was much more interested in the Blackhawks – Philadelphia Flyers NHL game (Hawks won 4-0). I’m also trying to keep up with the NFL games (my Bears were pathetic this past Sunday afternoon) because I am intent on winning the USGlass pickem contest at least one week this season. So as you can see, OVERLOAD is definitely taking place here!!!

Last week’s winner in the NFL “Pickem” contest was Tara Taffera of DWM magazine.

The Quotable Thing

This week’s quote comes from Amy Newling (Allstate) and is, in its own unique way, thought provoking. The quote is credited to columnist George Crane.

“There is no future in any job. The future lies in the person who holds the job.”

Have a Wonderful Week, Everyone!                          


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